vnn blueVibe fm news network is a division of the Vibe 94.7 news and Vibe fm News Network (VNN) is community media website and broadcast news site ,its our mandate to deliver the local news to the listeners of Vibe fm to keep them informed and educated ,our vision about this website to give our listeners those who are residing abroad with us as station footprint to catch up with the local news that happening around their homes .Vibe fm News Network is compiled by our On Air  newsreaders and reporters .Vibe fm News Network in future will give those journalism students who are still looking the internship programmes ,as community news media we also inviting our listeners to send us their stories accompanied with  the pictures or videos .We are also available to all social media

Here are the Vibe fm News Network features

Our top stories

Here will be publishing our leading stories, which will be always a local news as Vibe fm News Network we are a community news website, these stories should be rotating in our front screen.

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