EFF marks fourth anniversary in Durban

Country’s wealth must be equally shared, Malema addresses fourth anniversary 

EFF leader, Julius Malema says despite the current economic inequality in South Africa, it is possible to get to a point where black South Africans are as wealthy as their white counterparts.

He was addressing students at UKZN’s Westville Campus ahead of the party’s fourth birthday celebrations in Durban this weekend.

“The wealth of this country is in the hands of the minority. For as long as the land has not been returned, for as long as the wealth of the country is not shared equally, and for as long a white minority still enjoy privileges – there will be black and white,” he says.

Earlier, Malema laid into the university’s management – who he says had initially agreed to allow the party to hold their event on the campus but late last night made an about-turn.

Malema says they have chosen to ignore the university revoking their permission because universities are public institutions where minds are meant to gather and be stimulated.

Meanwhile at Parliament, the Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises has heard President Jacob Zuma is the reason why there is state capture.

“The president of the ANC is at the centre of this crisis of looting state-owned companies by the Gupta-linked syndicated mafia,” he says.

EFF MP, Floyd Shivambu was commenting during a sitting by the committee which is looking into allegations of state capture at power utility, Eskom.

He says there has been a parallel process to weaken or even capture the institutions that are supposed to hold those who loot from the state accountable.

“We must at-least [put an end to it] for now, and we will then attend to the ones that have stolen because they must all bring back the money that they have stolen. All the monies that have been stolen must be brought back, It must be paid back. That must be the intentions – no one must ever steal money in South Africa and then go without having to pay it back. We are a parliament that is mandated to competitively oversee the expenditure of our resources,” he said.

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